Thursday, June 16, 2011

What We Are About.

Hexagons of course! But, this is a lovely group of hexagon quilters from all over the world who like to push each other to create! We will be having goals and a hexagon swap at some point!

I'm new to hexagon quilting and have found it to be relaxing and intense at the same time.

We are currently doing a fabric swap and it is open to anyone. If you are interested join our Flickr group and post your fabric by June 20th. After June 20th I'll be sending out addresses and requests of where your fabric should be sent.


1 comment:

  1. we are also about having FUN!!!!!!!!!!! i need really easy goals! i also like that we will be able to encourage each other. i can't wait to see other fun uses for the hexagons. i might also do up a tutorial on how I baste my hexagons. ohhhh or even a youtube video...;)